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Something in the Wilderness

Calling all Andrew McMahon fans: This show intends to pay tribute to all of the music Andrew  has helped create in a song-by-song format. With a 20+ year-long music career spread among 3 different musical projects, Andrew is not only a musician, he is also a cancer survivor, philanthropist, and family man.

Beginning with Something Corporate, formed with some friends from high school, Andrew established himself as a pop punk icon in the early 2000s. The band set themselves apart from the rest of the scene incorporating a piano into the popular pop/punk sound. Following three records and countless tours, Andrew went on to form a new project called Jack’s Mannequin. This new direction allowed him to lean more into the piano pop/rock side of his music. While many of his original fans came along for the ride, he also gained an entirely new fanbase with his next three records and extensive world touring. This project helped boost his resume from a pop/punk frontman to a serious songwriter. His latest music venture is Andrew McMahon in the Wilderness. Largely intended and referred to as his “solo project”, the majority of writing and instrumentation is done by Andrew himself, in partnership with co-writers, producers, and other collaborators. He has released three albums under the Wilderness moniker and has written some of his most prolific work yet. His wife and daughter have toured along with him for years and he has not taken much of a break in recent years between touring heavily and writing and releasing new music. Using his public voice for philanthropy,, he has formed the Dear Jack Foundation, which raises funds to help ease life for those suffering through cancer treatment and offering survivors a positive outlook for the future.

Inspired by his experiences in his three bands, his contributions to soundtracks, and his collaborations over the years with other musicians, Andrew has established himself as an artist for his generation. Come along for the ride as each song in his catalog is explored, discussed, and evaluated. Please subscribe if you are a fan of Andrew McMahon’s work or even a fan of music discussion in general.

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Nov 27, 2023

A former guest returns to the show to talk about a unique Jack’s Mannequin song that strikes a chord for us both. Tune in as we discuss what this song means to us, what it may have meant to Andrew McMahon at this point in his life, and why we identify with the overall theme. Our guest also brings something...

Nov 9, 2023

Sam from The Pub Trivia Podcast hosts an all Andrew-themed trivia game for us to help raise money for The Dear Jack Foundation! Listen and play along as hardcore fans and Andrew McMahon experts Kyle, Lindsay, Andrew, Jenna, and Laura compete for prizes. Who will win the ultimate title of Most Knowledge Andrew McFan!

Nov 5, 2023

Jenna joins the podcast to recap her experience at the WWWY sideshow in Las Vegas and the festival itself! Learn why this was a particularly special show for her and about her fandom in general.

HOB Sideshow setlist:

Oct 19, 2023

Bella returns to the show for her 3rd visit to discuss another Something Corporate track, our 4th in the Fall series. We discuss how this song hit us when we first heard it and why it still lives on today among the fans as such an important track. Learn also about the only time we know of that this song has been played...

Oct 9, 2023

Mike Valdes from the Childlike at Best with Mike Valdes Podcast returns for his 3rd song episode! We dive into lyrics, tell stories about where we were when this song hit us and what it meant to us, talk about one of our all-time favorite albums, and then we speculate on the Something Corporate Las Vegas setlist!